Popular weekend activities in Vadodara

Vadodara offers manifold weekend activities and picking one particular is not an easy task. Particularly for those visiting as a tourist living in hotels in Baroda with limited time in hand, here are popular weekend activities in Vadodara recommended by Express Hotels India that are interesting and one of a kind.

Museums and palaces

By choosing to visit the museums and palaces of the city as your popular weekend activity in Vadodara you will well understand the historic significance of the city. Among museums and palaces, the must-visit ones include Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery, Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and Sayaji Baug Health Museum. However, if you plan to visit all of them, you will need to do a hotel booking online Vadodara and keep a minimum of two days’ time for the same.

Adventure parks and game zones

Vadodara is a fun-filled joyful city. Experience it at Ajwa Fun World, S-Cube Waterpark and Gujarat Funworld and Sama Lake. The city also has many game zones like Delta 9 adventures where you can head for games with your friends.  Express Hotels India is the best 4-star hotel in Vadodara where you can stay during your tour to Vadodara, Gujarat.

Temples and religious places

The city of Vadodara is also home to many temples. Try visiting these temples during your Vadodara tour. The popular ones are Eme Temple, KirtiMandir, Sri AurobindoNivas(National Memorial), Shree JalaramBapa Temple and Ramakrishna Mission. To make a complete tour of all temples in Vadodara you need to spend a minimum of a week in the city. For both short and long stay in Vadodara, there are choices of both affordable and luxury hotels in Vadodara.

The key to a successful Vadodara tour is doing your hotel booking online Vadodara in advance in the best luxury hotels in Vadodara that ensure a comfortable stay. Only when you are backed with a good hotel facility in Vadodara, you will be able to enjoy all throughout your trip. There are hotels near Vadodara railway station and Vadodara airport as well. Choose your 4-star hotels in Vadodara based on your personal preferences.

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