5 Cake Designs for Wedding Ceremonies

Amidst all preparations for your wedding, forgot to plan the cake? Well, we at Muffinscake.com cater the need of all kinds of wedding cakes to help modern couple’s treasure their wedding cake memories forever. Muffinscake offers cake and flower delivery in Vadodara and has online services as well.

In this blog by Muffinscake, let’s check the cake designs for wedding Vadodara that are currently trending:

Square Cakes

Usually the shape of the cakes found in wedding cake shops, Vadodara is circle. Circle has become traditional, as the modern trend is of square wedding cakes. The shape itself makes the cake a centerpiece and looks extra gorgeous if tiered with different sized square cakes.

Eggless Cakes

In Vadodara, often weddings maintain a strict vegetarian diet and then, the solution is an eggless cake.  You can buy eggless cake online at the official website of Muffinscake. Muffinscake delivers wedding cakes across the city.

Edible Floral Cakes

By the name, if you think its mere cakes with floral designs, well, we at Muffinscake offer wedding cakes decorated with edible flowers. Edible flowers make the cake look colorful and add to the taste of the cake.

Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkle cakes so align with the joyful mood of wedding ceremonies. They add a dash of color to the event and also to your wedding photographs. You can choose to decorate part of your wedding cake with sprinkles or cover it entirely. Beneath the sprinkle, you can always choose your favorite cake flavor – butterscotch, chocolate truffle cake eggless, strawberry and so many.

Color Cakes

Even a few years before, wedding cake had only one color – white, depicting purity. Times have changed and now couples order color cakes in sync with the theme of their wedding. Red, black and white cakes are in popular demand. As coloring of the cake is done with edible dye, it does not hamper the flavor or taste of the cake.

Whether you have decided or yet thinking over, to get the best wedding cake in Vadodara, place your order at Muffinscake.com. In an affordable budget, you get your dream wedding cake at your doorstep.

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