How to Protect Mobile Applications from Bugs?

A bug-free mobile app is a client’s requirement; end-user expectation and dream come true for a mobile app developer. Bugs in simple terms according to The Netwek, a mobile application development company in Orlando are problems that might happen while using the mobile application. Slow app functionality, device compatibility, poor user interface is some of the few common bugs that developers struggle with when designing or updating a mobile app.

In this blog by The Netwek, a well-known IT service provider in Orlando let’s look at the five common steps that ensure a bug-free mobile application.


Most mobile app bugs occur due to breaches in the security segment of the mobile app. The remedy to this according to The Netwek is continuous testing. Testing helps developers to understand the weak points of the mobile app and resolve it. Beta testing improves the stability and quality of the app. The Netwek also offers mobile application design and development services in Orlando.

 Advance Compilers

When it comes to advance compilers such as overflow checking, memory corruption checking, or range checking, The Netwek team recommends enabling them as they directly impact the overall performance of the app. Developers often ignore advance compilers assuming they don’t make much difference. The Netwek also provides IT services in Orlando.

Existing code versus unique code

When it comes to codes of the mobile apps, there is no one answer. For the main feature and core functionality, a unique code is a must. While for generic features of the mobile app, developers can always opt for 3rd party libraries, internal libraries or open source previously used codes. This protects the mobile application from bugs, confirms The Netwek – a popular mobile app development company based in Orlando.

The listed methods are highly recommended by The Netwek to mobile app developers who aim to design and deliver bug-free mobile applications. In case you are planning for a new mobile application for your business venture, feel free to get in touch with The Netwek IT service desk, Orlando. Their mobile application and IT services are available in Orlando and all parts of the world.

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